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Updated: Jun 11, 2022

The Wedding Watch word right now: Pearls.

If you are wondering which wed- ding trend is set for the 2022 bridal season, it includes all things pearl detailing. These glistening gemstones are taking over the runway as well as reception decor. This year, brides and grooms embrace iridescent pearls into their wedding themes and gowns.

2022 may be taking detailed fashion trends from the roaring twenties. However, this Gatsby style is now more modern and elegant. Pearl wedding cakes, invites, acces- sories, and floral bouquets add some charm to your party. A timeless yet contemporary style where you don’t need to choose just classical white, pearls come in other options of pink, gray, and even green hues. @_tessa_kim_

On Pin- terest alone, the terms pearl gown and pearl wedding decor have increased by 185%, and we can’t think of a better embellishing wed- ding gown to captivate your guests. Some- thing is truly magical about the delicate use of pearls in a wedding.

Opt for a bridal gown that features a contempo- rary modern design, incorporating subtle touches of pearl embellishments. Designers such as Netta BenShabu Elite Couture, Hayley Paige, and Madison James have designed breathtaking pearl gowns that effortlessly add an almost calming ef- fect. Pearls may not seem like a traditional acces- sory but are now giving a twist to these timeless Bridal pieces. Wedding dress embellishments are no secret, from crystals to lace and glitz. However, this year’s Bride is looking for a classic elegant look with pearls.

Netta BenShabu Elite Couture

Traditionally pearls are worn as tradition — something borrowed. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, this something borrowed from a loved one has always been unique. Accessories are essential when adding that special touch to pair with your gown. We know about the dainty pearl earrings, but how about a pearl bridal Veil? This modern alternative will keep it classy while keep- ing the focus on your gown. BHLDN offers quite a few pearl-embellished veils for brides. A beaded headband can also be a gorgeous accessory for the hair, with small or large, thick or thin bead

If you’re looking for pearls galore, Christie Nicole Bridal offers a long sleeve pearl mesh gown. For a more subtle pearl design, from Dana Herel, featuring a Tulle skirt with light pearl beading throughout. Bridal designers are re-inventing ways to include these gems on the bride’s special day. From Sleeves, skirts, belts, and hem- lines, there is no exclusion of how these can be styled. Modern look when used sparingly and playful when styled more abundant with tulle.

Who wouldn’t want to have some fun with pearl decor? Throw some pearls in your candle centerpieces or drape them behind your guests’ seats. One of the gor- geous

pearl accents is decorated on the wedding cake! @christienicole_bridal

Elegant white pearls can sit atop the delicious white frosting. You can even have pearl-painted cupcakes for your guests. One of the fascinating ways to incorporate pearls on your big day is with your bouquet. Whether they are individually displayed between florals or entirely made up and draped with them.


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