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Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Planning a wedding can be exciting, while it can also be stress-inducing at times. You may have some ideas about the way you envision your big day. Written some notes or even created a Vision board. However, you’re not alone if you have no idea where to start! Choosing the right wedding planner can help you navigate your wedding details to ensure a perfect day. Research and hire your team ASAP, so they can better assist you within the most time possible. Planners Like Leanne Bybee (@leanne.lane.weddings) make sure “What my Bride wants, my Bride gets!”—helping you along the way to manage your dream wed- ding. She works with couples to create a customized service based on their needs. From Management, coordination, decor design, and vendors, Wedding Planners like Leanne offer a helpful hand to minimize the often overwhelming tasks. We had the lovely opportunity to get a deeper understanding of a wedding planner’s life.

Q: How did you get into wedding planning ? A: I worked in the Radio industry for 10 years, planning events from MLB games to Time Square take overs and everything in between. I had a blast planning my own wedding and when it was over, I felt sad because I wasn’t planning anymore. I figured I could probably help other couples plan theirs now that I was an experienced cate myself of what I would be required to offer and started my own business.

Q: What is your experience level? How many weddings have you done to date? A: I started my business in August of 2017 and my first wedding was in May of 2018. I consider myself an experienced planner however I learn something new every wedding and am always evolving. To date, I’ve done 28 weddings. And that includes a wedding I planned in 24hrs while we were Honeymooning (a year later) in Belize!

Q: What does a wedding planner do? A: (I think a better question might be what does a wedding planner NOT do, lol.) I am responsible for a lot and I have included my package guide for reference. Every couple is different and every wedding is unique so the scope of work varies. I am my Bride’s best friend. If that means she needs to vent about her MIL, I’m there to listen. If she requests the finest silk linens for her table scapes, send me across the continent to find them. I’ve cleaned a Groom’s shoes after he threw up his shots. I’ve put out a kitchen fire in a historical San Francisco building. I’ve busselled a 5 point, 15 loop dress on a mov- ing train.

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Q: Would you walk me through a typical day in your busy schedule? A: For me, a typical day is nothing BUT typical. Mondays and Fridays are usually blocked off for “CEO Days”. I do all the back end, behind the scenes things on these days. These are things like updating client shared documents, scheduling social media posts, scheduling emails, answering inquiry emails, ect. Tuesday, Wednesday & Thurs- days are reserved for clients meetings, dis- covery calls, design meetings, venue tours, ect. If I have a wedding on the weekend, the entire week leading up is strictly wedding prep. Most of my typical day to day things are put on hold, until the following week.

Q: Would you say you are more interest- ed in the details of decor or managing the event? A: I truly love a good DIY so the details of decor and design sparks joy for me. Event manage- ment comes pretty naturally to me, especially if I have a great team of trusted vendors.

Q: How do you stay on top of your work as well as the latest wedding trends? A: To stay on top of trends, I spend a lot of time on social media connected with top wed- ding professionals. My business sort of evolves naturally with the trends as it is. In 2017, mason jars, burlap & lace, and sunflowers were very popular. Now, most of my couples use acrylic signage, farm tables and lots of color. However, if a couple still invisions their wedding design from 2017 I will fully support it. Trends are only “trendy” so long the couple is feeling it!

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Q:What motivates you the most with this career path? A: I try to space out my clients with a week in between their wedding dates. The week (even the month) before a wedding is very tedious so I need to ensure that I can give each couple the quality of service I know they deserve. This year, I have 22 weddings. So I’ve got lots of col- or coded tabs and separate notebooks for each one!

Q: How would you deal with a difficult client that keeps changing their mind? A: My moto is simple - What my Bride wants, my Bride gets. There is nothing wrong with changing your mind. Even at the last minute. It’s important to get the details right. And if a Bride doesn’t feel good about a decision, it’s important to bring it up and discuss a new plan.

Q: What do you feel makes your event planning successful? A: My biggest motivation in this industry is being a part of love. Love makes the world go round, just like the book I read to my son before bed. Love is two people walking down the aisle to meet at the altar where they commit the rest of their lives to each other. I get to meet complete strangers and become a part of their life, in a very intimate way, and guide them to what most people consider to be one of the happiest moments of their life. And, I always cry during the ceremony. Every time.

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Q: What lessons can be learned from a wedding planner career? A: I am successful because I tailor my services to the needs of each couple. I do not subscribe to age old traditions and am very unconventional. When a couple finds me, they are often relieved to have someone like me in their corner. I have only 2 people to please and that is the 2 people getting married! Not their parents, not their best friend. I am my clients’ biggest advocate and the one who will stick up for what matters to them most. I’m a yes girl, a people pleaser. So as a Wedding Planner my biggest lesson I’ve learned is setting boundaries and feel- ing comfortable saying no. I can’t give my clients everything they deserve if I am not at my best.

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