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The Wedding Coordinator: What do they do?

Get to know a Wedding Coordinator! Meet Cheyenne Lopez | @finishing_touch_coordination

Hello, I’m Cheyenne, and my journey into the world of wedding coordination is a bit of a delightful accident. I worked in the medical field for several years before the piv- otal moment when my sister urgently needed assistance for her wedding. I felt like God opened up the door for me at the right time. At that time, I barely knew what a wedding coordinator was! Two weeks before her big day, while ac- companying my husband to a wedding rehearsal as his date, I found myself closely observing the coordinator in action. When my sister’s wedding rehearsal finally arrived, I decid- ed to take the plunge and step into the coordinator’s shoes because let’s just say it was chaos. No order. Now flow. To my surprise, everything went off without a hitch, and I had an absolute blast. That fateful day ignited my passion for wedding coordination, and I’ve been happily orchestrating weddings ever since.

What is a Wedding Coordinator? A Wedding Coordinator wears many hats, but primarily, we’re the conductors of the wedding orchestra. Our role involves me- ticulously planning and flawlessly executing every aspect of the big day, ensuring that it flows seamlessly and leaves couples and their guests with unforgettable memories.

What is the advantage of hiring a Wedding Coordinator?

The advantage of hiring a Wedding Coordinator is akin to having a sea- soned navigator on a thrilling voyage. We bring expertise, a network of valuable connections, and a calm demeanor to what can be a whirlwind experience. Our superpower lies in turning potential wedding-day chaos into moments of pure magic.

What sets you apart from a wedding planner?

What sets me apart from a wedding planner? Think of me as the director of the show. While planners are fantastic at crafting the initial vision, I specialize in bringing that vision to life, making sure every element aligns perfectly on the wedding day.

When should a couple reach out to you to hire?

Couples should reach out to me as soon as they start envision- ing their special day. Whether it’s selecting the perfect venue or finding the ideal vendors, early coordination sets the stage for a stress-free journey to “I do.” However, even if it’s just around the corner, it’s never too late to bring in a coordinator like me.

Your favorite part of this special Job?

My absolute favorite part of this job is not just wit- nessing everything come together, but also basking in the joyful atmosphere created by the couples, their friends, and family. Being surrounded by so much happiness is incredibly rewarding. I cherish the opportunity to ensure that every couple celebrates their love to the fullest without worrying or stress- ing. Weddings and love are things to be celebrated, and it’s truly an honor to play a part in making that celebration perfect.

What do you find couples needing the most help with on their big day?

On the big day, couples often need the most help with execut- ing and managing their beautiful day, ensuring that everything is perfect. It’s about handling the behind-the-scenes details, so they can fully immerse themselves in the joy of the moment.

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