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Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Today we are chatting all things hair with the amazingly talented Maria Angela. This Bridal Hair specialist guides us through her tips and creativity through a special Q&A. The hairstyle you choose for down the aisle will represent through the photos you share forever. Feel lost or uninspired with choosing your wed- ding day hair? Maria is here to help you through it!


I am Maria Angela, I have been working in the brid- al industry doing hair for over 13 years. I am from Long Island, New York.


DO YOU OFFER THE BRIDE & HER PARTY? @mariaangela.ny I am located in Suffolk County. I offer on-site bridal styling services in the trial-state area. I generally take care of the bride and her bridal party. If I am available I also offer styling for the brides engagement party and bridal shower. As for the wedding day, most of my brides like to have me to stay the entire day with them. I think this is so important for your big day, after all the time & money spent planning and choosing the right ven- dors. It is worth it to protect your investments on the photographer and hairstylist. This way every photo is perfect!

WHAT MADE YOU WANT TO FOCUS ON STYLING HAIR FOR BRIDES? Being a part of a woman’s wedding day is so special. This is a huge moment in their lives. I think it is an honor when a bride chooses me to be their hairstyl- ist. It was an easy transition from the salon because the job is so meaningful. Theres nothing better than seeing the smiles on their faces when they love their hair. I get to be a part of a moment in their life they will never forget. I don’t take my role in this lightly.

Grace Brown Photography

WHAT ARE SOME HAIR TRENDS YOU SEE BECOMING POPULAR? Although the glam wave will always be a classic style, I see the styles going a bit more natural. A looser curl, more natural vibe. Middle parts with a soft tuck.

DO YOU THINK IT IS WORTH DOING A TRIAL BEFORE THEIR WEDDING DAY? WHY? Absolutely. There are a lot of pieces that need to come together before the wedding day. I believe it is best to do a hair trial after you choose a wedding dress. When you have that piece of the puzzle you and your artist will then work together to bring your style together. I always spend at least 2 hours with my brides choos- ing their wedding style. You need a game plan for the day of. (I am also a Type A, always need a plan kinda girl) At the trial you can determine the right type of ex- tensions @silentcapturephoto

to purchase.I have a variety of hairpieces on hand so we can de- termine the entire look. This way when you leave the appointment you don’t have to worry about a thing for the big day.

WHAT IF A BRIDE HAS NO IDEA WHAT THEY WANT, WHAT ARE SOME WAY TO GET INSPIRED? Great Question - I truly believe that this is why you need to work with a bridal professional. It happens often that my brides don’t know exactly what they want. Between Pinterest and Instagram it is very easy for us to feel lost between styles. There are so many options that it can be overwhelming. I like to start with finding out all the details about the day. The venue & dress are two huge determining fac- tors. If you’re still searching for an answer... your personality & lifestyle will give it away. My brides who are more conservative will not lean towards a messy boho look. A bride who wants to feel natural will most likely not wear glam waves. Ultimately, I believe your artist will help you sift through the options get excited for your style.

HOW DO YOU STAY SO CREATIVELY INSPIRED? Constantly studying and learning new techniques. It is vital to stay educated in this industry. I also have a close circle of friends who are in the in- dustry too. When we are together we get to do some really cool things that aren’t usually possible for the big day. Having people around you who are in the same industry is a great way to stay inspired. Every year we do a glamorous photoshoot so we can show- case our work. It’s a lot of fun to be a part of it.


IF YOU COULD STYLE ANY BRIDE (THROUGHOUT HISTORY OR FUTURE) WHO WOULD IT BE? Britney Spears! I have been wanting to style her for years. Pretty sure now’s the perfect time to put that in the atmosphere too!

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