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Wedding Content Creator: What is it & do you need one?

Interested in including a Wedding Content Creator on your big day?

Meet Christiana Dimino | @

Hi there, My name is Christiana Dimino, 27 years old born & raised in NY. I am the founder of Unapologetically So- cial which is a social media marketing agency focused on all things creative, branding, & strategy. I recently added wedding content creation aka Unapologetically Bridal to my agency as a speciality service. I was called to create this service after working with so many beauty individuals BTS focused on bridal.

What does a Wedding Content Creator do? If I can simply describe what a wedding content creator is in my eyes I would say...your bestfriend for the day/ modern videographer. I think personally being a modern day bride myself, this generation of women getting married are the IG girlies who want to share every special moment on social media whether they’re active online or not. I think this service is perfect for the bride who wants her bridal party to be present day of & is tired of the traditional wedding video style.

What Social Media Platforms do you create content for? I mainly focus on creating content for small business own- ers who are looking to grow their presence on Instagram & TikTok.

How do you communicate & establish what a wedding couple is looking to capture on their big day? My packages are broken down by how many hours I’m there, travel, & how many moments they would like captured & edited. I also offer candid photos which come out so awesome!

What does pre-planning look like? Pre planning is pretty simple... I always love to ask the bride and groom if there’s anything special that I should know about. I also like to connect with the photographer if I am the main videographer beforehand. I love when the bride and groom send me any inspiration just so I can get a better understanding as to what they like. Most of the time when people hire me they see my past work and they trust me to do my thing creatively so it’s really been such a pleasure. Once I receive a deposit, the remaining is due the day before wedding, and then they should receive everything 24 to 48 hours later.

Is it important to know your client’s personality? I think it’s very important to know your clients personality because for example, I am extreme- ly extroverted, but it’s interesting 90% of my small business owner clients were introverted when I first met them and I truly help them get out of their comfort zone. Majority of my brides have been pretty extroverted so when they meet me, our personalities just click and they’re always forever grateful that they decided to have me there. I’m really big on energy and making people feel comfortable so going above and beyond especially on someone’s special day is always my main focus.

What sets you apart from a videographer? The main difference is that I’m not creating with a $10k camera. All of the content I create for the weddings & my small business owners are on the newest iPhone! I think people don’t realize the power behind the camera on our phones especially nowadays they’re not built for the aver- age person. It’s really great for creatives like myself. Sec- ondly, my turn around time is a lot faster than a traditional videographer. I can get my brides content to relive 24-48 hours after their special day. It’s also shot vertical so very easy to share on all social platforms.

How Early Should you be Booked in Advance? I have received bookings for 2025 already so I would say as soon as you lock in a date & venue to reach out. I eventually plan on having a small team by the middle of next year so I can service more brides who want this type of service.

What’s you favorite part of creating wedding content? That’s a great question!! When I first started my agency, I naturally attracted many individuals in the beauty space, I think being a consumer who loves all things make up, hair, skin just worked. I understood what their ideal client would want to see. I personally came from the fashion industry and was working in that space for almost 10 years. After helping out over 100 small business owners in the last 2 years, naturally you start to lack inspiration. I’m a big believer on things happen for a reason so the wedding content creation became something that wasn’t planned. I was super inspired every time I finished a wedding. I’m also a lover girl, and have been single for quite some time so just seeing genuine relationships come together and being around all that love and good energy it’s so refreshing..

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